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Software Testing Skill Trends for upcoming years

Below are some predictions and analysis for a couple of years from now mainly the year 2022 for the software testing Testing industry.

The software industry is transforming in terms of technology like IoT. Development methodology like DevOps.

The given information is based on individual analysis and expertise achieved while working over a decade.

Looking at the current trend it clearly shows Software Development Engineers in Test roles will be in demand. in place of plain software tester role. The candidate who can participate in the development and test the application as well will have more preferences than traditional testers. A person who has manual testing skills along with Business domain, Black Box testing, design, and programming skills will have more preference.

Many Open source tools are capturing the huge testing market share. Tools like selenium, cypress, Katalon are widely accepted by the industry. Job trends show the open-source tools have more requirements as compared to commercial.

There is smart shifting going on from traditional testing to smart quality engineering. A person having multiple skills like Exploratory testing, Automation testing, a Business analyst with basic development knowledge will be preferred.

In the fast-changing technology world, the customer is looking for the very early to go in the market. So Those who are having the best QA practices like continuous testing with less time by providing the highest quality will have more chances to win projects. Speed and quality will be the key this year. To achieve this one should have good testing knowledge along with continuous automation testing.

As digital transformation is key to success so person or company who provides services that help customers to launch applications or products in very little or reduced time. In this digital world amount of digital data is getting produced continuously each year. For big players like Facebook, what’s app, Microsoft, apple, google data is key. So certainly big data testing will be in trend.

As the IoT industry is also growing so IoT testing will be in demand. As per Gartner

The worldwide government Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint electronics and communications market will total $21.3 billion in 2022, according to Gartner, Inc. This is a 22% increase from a forecasted total of $17.5 billion in 2021.


DevOps is providing faster and quality deployment also this is a cost-effective solution. Testing with DevOps will be more important. Companies that are having the process to deploy products using DevOps by maintaining high-quality communication across teams will be more successful.

The conclusion is software Testing is growing but the role of a software tester is getting changed in terms of skills.

Everything you need is to adapt modern skills of testing which lead to success in the year 2022.