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Most useful Microsoft Excel shortcuts

Below are daily required shortcuts for Microsoft excel. These shortcuts save lot of time while working.

  1. Ctrl+W: Close a workbook
  2. Ctrl+O: Open a workbook
  3. Alt+H: Go to the Home tab
  4. Ctrl+S: Save a workbook
  5. Ctrl+C: Copy Content
  6. Ctrl+V: Paste Content
  7. Ctrl+Z: Undo action
  8. Delete: Remove cell contents
  9. Alt+H, H: Choose a fill color
  10. Ctrl+X: Cut
  11. Alt+N: Go to Insert tab
  12. Ctrl+B: Bold
  13. Alt+H, A, C: Center align cell contents
  14. Alt+P: Go to Page Layout tab
  15. Alt+A: Go to Data tab
  16. Alt+W: Go to View tab
  17. Shift+F10, or: Open context menu
  18. Context key: Alt+H, B: Add borders
  19. Alt+H, D, C: Delete column
  20. Alt+M: Go to Formula tab
  21. Ctrl+9: Hide the selected rows
  22. Ctrl+0: Hide the selected columns

source: Microsoft

How to display Developer Tab in Excel

Follow below steps to enable or bring Developer tab on front.

Step 1) Click on File Menu (Available at top left)

Step 2) Click on Sub menu Options

System will display Excel options Pop Window

Step 3) Click on Customize Ribbon Options available at left side of Menu.

System will display Customize Ribbon section with two columns like choose commands from and customize the ribbon

Step 4) Click on Check box (enable it) for Developer Tab which is available in Customize the Ribbon Section.

Step 5) Click on Ok button

Observe that Developer tab is now displayed after “View”
User can perform various operations like Record Macros, Run Macros etc.