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New list of Public API for Books, Business category

Below is the list of public API for books and business category. More information on documentation is available after visiting the link in Link Column.

British National BibliographyBooks 
Crossref Metadata SearchBooks & Articles Metadata 
Google BooksBooks
LibGenLibrary Genesis search engine 
New York Times BooksBook reviews and The New York Times Best Sellers lists
Open LibraryBooks, book covers and related data 
Penguin PublishingBooks, book covers and related data 
Wolne LekturyAPI for obtaining information about e-books available on the website 
Charity SearchNon-profit charity data
Clearbit LogoSearch for company logos and embed them in your projects
Domainsdb.infoRegistered Domain Names Search 
FreelancerHire freelancers to get work donehttps://developers.freelancer.comOAuth
GmailFlexible, RESTful access to the user’s inbox
Google AnalyticsCollect, configure and analyze your data to reach the right audience
mail.tmTemporary Email Service 
MailboxValidatorValidate email address to improve deliverability
mailgunEmail Service
markerapiTrademark Search 
ORB IntelligenceCompany lookup
SmartsheetAllows you to programmatically access and Smartsheet data and account information
SwiftKanbanKanban software, Visualize Work, Increase Organizations Lead Time, Throughput & Productivity
TrelloBoards, lists and cards to help you organize and prioritize your projects
Books and Business public API

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