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List of Public API for Continuous Integration, Cloud Storage & File Sharing

Abstract Public HolidaysData on national, regional, and religious holidays via API
Calendar IndexWorldwide Holidays and Working Days
Google CalendarDisplay, create and modify Google calendar events
HolidaysHistorical data regarding holidays
Non-Working DaysDatabase of ICS files for non working days 
UnixTime ConverterA REST API to convert UnixTime to DateTime and DateTime to UnixTime 
AnonFilesUpload and share your files anonymously 
BayFilesUpload and share your files 
BoxFile Sharing and Storage
DropboxFile Sharing and Storage
File.ioSuper simple file sharing, convenient, anonymous and secure 
GoFileUnlimited size file uploads for free
Google DriveFile Sharing and Storage
OneDriveFile Sharing and Storage
PantryFree JSON storage for small projects 
PastebinPlain Text Storage
Web3 StorageFile Sharing and Storage for Free with 1TB Space
CircleCIAutomate the software development process using continuous integration and continuous delivery
CodeshipCodeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloud
Travis CISync your GitHub projects with Travis CI to test your code in minutes
Continuous Integration and Cloud Storage public api list.

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To fetch Latest List of new or updated API visit this github link for more information which retrieve all public api information for below categories.

List of Public API available for various category like Animals Anime, Anti-Malware, Art & Design, Authentication, Books, Business, Calendar, Cloud Storage & File Sharing, Continuous Integration, Cryptocurrency, Currency Exchange, Data Validation, Development, Dictionaries, Documents & Productivity Environment, Events, Finance, Food & Drink, Games & Comics, Geocoding, Health, Jobs, Machine Learning, Music, News, Open Data, Open Source Projects, Patent, Personality, Phone, Photography, Science & Math, Security, Shopping, Social, Sports & Fitness, Test Data, Text Analysis, Tracking, Transportation, URL Shorteners, Vehicle, Video, Weather,