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How to Install python on Windows step by step guide

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python language is popular for data science and analytics. Many data processing software use python. Many python libraries are used in machine learning projects.

Here is step by step guide to install python on windows machine.

It is important to download latest version from python official site only.

Step 1) Navigate to Python Site for downloading latest version

Python Official Site

Step 2) Click on button “Download Python 3.10.0” ( In future this version may change to try to select latest version)

Step 3) After clicking on “Download Python 3.10.0” Site will download exe file to download folder section

downloaded folder view section

Step 4) Double click on exe file “python-3.10.0-amd64.exe” and Run the Setup

Python Installation Screen

Step 5) Select Check box “Add Python 3.10 to Path” and then click on Install Now Button

Add Python 3.10 selected

Step 6) Wait for installer to complete installation

Python installation is in progress

It will take couple of minutes for installation.

Step 7) System will give successful message along with path limitation (which can be ignored). Click on Close Button

Python Installed Successfully message

Step 8) Now go to command prompt to check if python is installed or not. Type cmd in Windows Search option and press enter. After displaying command prompt type python and you will get below message.

Python successful installation version message

To Start coding in python or to write first program in python we can use default editor “IDLE”. IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment) is a default editor that comes with Python.

To open default editor type IDLE in Windows “Type here to Search” section and hit Enter

IDEL Default Editor for python

System will display below editor

Click on File -> New File

System will display editor to write new program for specific file.

Happy Learning and Coding

You can refer these program to explore python more and can run python code on online compiler as well.