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Cypress End-to-end Web automation tool is easy to use.

Cypress is capable to test anything which runs on a chrome browser. The architecture surrounding Cypress is built to handle modern JavaScript frameworks.

Cypress is the best tool to automate web app built on the latest React, Angular, Vue, Elm, etc. frameworks.

Cypress is easy to install just by using the command “npm install cypress”

Do not compare cypress with selenium. Both have different architecture to identify elements. End to end Web automation is possible with cypress. Cypress can perform unit testing, Database Testing, UI Testing.

Cypress is an open-source front-end testing tool built for modern applications.

Cypress is not selenium. Cypress is built with the new architecture. Cypress uses the same run-loop in place of communicating with different drivers like selenium.

Cypress does not depend on third-party drivers.

When users want to automate any project then they have to install Frameworks like mocha, jasmine , QUnit, Karma.

With Assertion libraries like Chai, Expect.JS

Install Selenium. Use of Protractor, Webdriver along with Additional libraries like Sinon, Test Double.

But using Cypress provides an all-in-one in testing framework, assertions library with mocking and stubbing, everything without selenium.

Below are Top 8 Features of Cypress

  1. Time Travel
  2. Real Time Reloads
  3. Spies, Stubs and Clocks
  4. Consistent Results
  5. Debuggability
  6. Automatic Waiting
  7. Network Traffic Control
  8. Screen shot and Videos.

Cypress has support for Chrome-family browsers (including Electron and Chromium-based Microsoft Edge) and Firefox.

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