Simple Character Word Counter Online Free Tool

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What is an online word character spaces counter tool or character word count tool?
This online character and word counter tool will calculate or count total character, total spaces, total paragraph, total sentences in a given string. The tool will display string or paragraph length as a total character. This online tool will work as a character word count calculator
How to use this online tool.
Place your cursor on the text box and start typing. This online tool will automatically count characters, spaces, paragraphs, sentences, and display counter.
Another way is to simply paste your data in the text box and observe the result.
You can also copy and paste text from another program over into the online editor. 
Important to Refresh the page in between to get the best Results
This online tool is useful for manual testers, Software Testers, UI developers for the validation purpose of their test data. Also for blog writers to determine how many sentences or words need to write more. This is also important for page designers to arrange text in design by calculating the count of words, characters
To capitalize the first character of every word then please refer our another tool here.

This may be an excellent project for students learning JavaScript. This will assist them in grasping the concepts of functions, events, and regular expressions. Connect with us to get the tool’s code.

How to Create Word Counting App.
To create word counter application, one should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Regular Expression.

Below is the complete code to create a word counter tool online for free.

			var input = document.getElementById('inputField');
  input.addEventListener('keyup', function() { countWords();});
function countWords() {
            // Get the input text value
            var text = document.getElementById("inputField").value;
if (text) {
            document.getElementById("characterc").innerHTML = text.length;

            document.getElementById("wordsc").innerHTML = text.match(/(\w+)/g).length;
            document.getElementById("paragraphc").innerHTML = text.replace(/\n$/gm, '').split(/\n/).length;
            document.getElementById("sentencec").innerHTML = text.split(/[\.!\?]+\s/g).filter(Boolean).length;
            document.getElementById("spacec").innerHTML = text.split(" ").length - 1;
//asdjl ;lasdfl l asldkjf ljasld df;l lsadjd fl
//lajs;ldf lasdd flj saddlf  adf ljsal dfl ljddsf
document.getElementById("characterc").innerHTML = 0;
            document.getElementById("wordsc").innerHTML = 0;
            document.getElementById("paragraphc").innerHTML = 0;
            document.getElementById("sentencec").innerHTML = 0;
            document.getElementById("spacec").innerHTML = 0;

<textarea id="inputField" rows="10" placeholder="Paste text here or Start Typing for Calculating count of word paragraph sentence"></textarea><h3 style="text-align:center">Words  <span id="wordsc" style="margin:8px;font-size: 150%;">0</span>  Characters  <span id="characterc" style="margin:8px;font-size: 150%;"> 0  </span> Paragraph <span id="paragraphc" style="margin:8px;font-size: 150%;"> 0  </span> Sentences <span style="margin:8px;font-size: 150%;" id="sentencec"> 0  </span> Spaces <span id="spacec" style="margin:8px;font-size: 150%;"> 0  </span></h3>

First Copy the HTML code from one file to another, then paste the JavaScript code into the script element. In Chrome or Edge, open the saved HTML file. Fill in the blanks in the input area and watch as the counter changes for each flag.